Which toothbrush should you buy?

Which toothbrush should you buy?

When deciding on which type of toothbrush to buy the most important thing to keep in mind is that you are buying a soft bristled brush only! There are many different makes and models of toothbrushes, however the main difference is manual vs. electric.

Manual toothbrushes work well if they are used correctly, for the appropriate amount of time. If your brushing technique could use a bit of help, an electric toothbrush with a timer would be a great option for you.

Toothbrushes for kids

If you’re looking for an electric toothbrush for your child, choose one that is designed specifically for children. These are smaller so that little hands can manage them easier, and come in fun colours and designs to make brushing more fun. Be sure to choose a toothbrush that has very soft bristles to avoid damaging their gums or tooth enamel.

When to replace your brush

You should replace your toothbrush when it begins to show wear, or every three months, whichever comes first. It is very important to change out your toothbrush if you’ve had a cold as the bristles on the brush can collect germs that can lead to reinfection.

Brushing technique

When brushing, it is very easy to brush with too much force. Some electric toothbrushes have a pressure sensitivity feature that lets you know when you are pressing the toothbrush too hard against your teeth. This feature not only saves your toothbrush heads, but it also protects your gums and tooth enamel from being damaged. Two to three minutes is an ideal amount of time to spend when brushing your teeth. It is important to insure you’ve reached all surfaces of your teeth when brushing, including the outer surfaces, the inner surfaces and the chewing surfaces.

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