The 14 Best & Worst Foods For Your Teeth

The 14 Best & Worst Foods For Your Teeth

We all like a sweet treat or a snack, and that's moderation. Being mindful, and regular cleaning after ingesting the worst offenders, will help fight off tooth decay. And try out some healthy alternatives too. They can be surprisingly tasty and satisfying. Even if you are a choc or chip lover. Keep an eye on this quick list of:

Best & Worst Foods for your Teeth

Best & Worst Foods for Teeth


  1. Sugary Candies & Sweets - Eat 'em quick and brush afterwards
  2. Starchy Refined Carbs - E.g. chips, bread, pasta - those pesky starches linger and feed bacteria
  3. Carbonated Soft Drinks - Even diet drinks contain phosphorus which thins tooth enamel
  4. Fruit Juice - Oh so refreshing but very tooth unfriendly. Use a straw!
  5. Citrus & other Acidic Foods - Good for you but don't let them linger on the palate
  6. Honey & Dried Fruits - Whaaaaat? we thought they were healthy but they stick on the teeth and the sugars don't waste time getting to work
  7. Sports & Vitamin Waters - Apart from being an expensive way to ingest vitamins, they also contain a lot of acid and sugar


  1. Fibre Rich Fruits & Veggies - Natures teeth scrubbers and they also stimulate mouth cleansing saliva
  2. Water - Keeps the saliva reserves pumped up
  3. Dairy Products - Plenty of tooth supporting vitamins and minerals
  4. Sugarless Gum - Stimulates saliva and gives you jaws of steel!
  5. Green and Black Teas - Full of polyphenols which suppress harmful bacteria.
  6. Nuts - So many varieties and full of minerals and vitamins. Some are high fat but the benefits of a handful a day are many.
  7. Other Healthy Foods - Pick 'n mix depending on your dietary range. Eggs, beef, fish, potatoes, spinach, tofu, leafy greens, beans, whole grains, poultry. And don't forget Kale chips!

Here is the full list with pretty pictures and even more reasons for the 14 Best & Worst Foods for Your Teeth. Plus some top tips for teeth health.

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