Invisalign Braces – Case study

Invisalign Braces – Case study

Amazing results in less than 1 year with


This is an example of the incredible aesthetic transformation that can be achieved with Invisalign aligners.

This patient was treated in our office at Metral Dental.  His primary concern when he first came to see us was his appearance from the misalignment of his teeth.  This patient is in his early 30’s and has been self-conscious of his teeth for many years.  He was finally ready to do something about it and requested a consult to discuss his options.  The initial consult involved some x-rays and a thorough examination and measurements of the current position of the teeth.  It was discussed with the patient that to achieve a functionally “perfect” result some extensive jaw surgery would be required as well as orthodontic work afterward.  The patient’s treatment goals were taken into consideration however, and after further discussion it was revealed that he was not looking for perfection, but rather an improvement in aesthetics with minimal time commitment. Enter Invisalign!

Initial records were taken that includes detailed photos and impressions of the teeth.  The records were then shipped off to Invisalign where the magic happens.  After a couple of weeks the results were in:  32 sets of aligners were prescribed (ie. 32 weeks of treatment).  Our patient was eager to begin and the set-up appointment was booked.  The initial visit with Invisalign often involves placing some small composite buttons on specific teeth.  These can be thought of as little handles that put extra torque on certain teeth to move them where we want them to go.  Often some interproximal reduction (IPR) is necessary too.  This involves sanding or stripping small amounts of enamel between certain teeth to relieve the contacts and allow more space for movement.   This patient did require some buttons and IPR during his treatment.

After 32 weeks of constant wear (min 22 hours per day) our patient had another consult.  It was decided that while the improvements were great some further results could be achieved with lengthened treatment time.  We decided to retake impressions of the teeth from their current position and send that to Invisalign to rework the treatment plan.  It came back that 16 more aligners (16 weeks of wear) would achieve our treatment goals.

Now, after 48 weeks of wear the final results can be seen in the photo.  Our patient is ecstatic with the results.  He said he feels more confident and can’t wait to show off his new smile.


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