The Culprits – Top 10 Teeth Staining Foods & Drinks

The Culprits – Top 10 Teeth Staining Foods & Drinks

Whether healthy or unhealthy, certain foods and drinks are more likely to stain your teeth than others. Make sure you always carry a little teeth cleaning travel pack with you to keep your pearly whites gleaming all day long.

Hint: when you come in for your regular cleaning, our talented hygienists will be happy to give you a handy sized toothpaste and soft bristled brush to take with you.

Top 10 Teeth Staining Food & Drink Culprits

  1. Tea - black and dark-hued teas are more prone to causing stains. Green, white or herbal teas are less staining as well as having plenty of health benefits
  2. Berries - Dark and brightly coloured berries can stain, e.g. blueberries, blackberries and cherries. No need to avoid but make sure to brush and floss soon afterwards to avoid acidic damage to tooth enamel.
  3. Red Wine - Tastes so good but the acids can erode enamel as well as stain. Swishing and swallowing water in between sips can help. Plus may help prevent excessive consumption
  4. Beets - If you've tried grating them you will probably have experienced red fingertips. If you are eating them in public, check for any vampire looking stains and clean 'em quick
  5. Hard Candy - You've seen funny coloured tongues from lollipop eating and your teeth are also prone to the effects. And then there's the sugars..
  6. Coffee - Well known for its staining effects. Milk or cream can help, as well as reduce acidity in the stomach
  7. Tomato Sauce - Tasty and healthy but tomatoes are acidic and staining. Tip: eating a spinach salad first can form a protective layer on your teeth
  8. Balsamic Vinegar & Soy Sauce - Dark, thick and sticky but both full of dark pigments. Make sure to drizzle over salad or sprinkle lightly over your sushi to dilute the staining effects
  9. Ice Pops - So refreshing in the summer but they tend to be full of colourings which can be more likely to stick due to the cold temperatures
  10. Curry - Turmeric and other spices give great flavour but can also give great stain.

Read more here in this Slideshow of 9 foods that can stain your teeth or here in 5 Foods That Stain Your Teeth.

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