Pregnancy and Dental Care

Pregnancy and Dental Care

It’s an exciting time for our family as my wife, Erin Christensen, is pregnant with our second child! With so many do’s and don’ts of pregnancy and concerns over what is the healthiest for mom and baby - I thought it would be the perfect time to talk about pregnancy and dental health.

It is important to maintain healthy oral care, especially during pregnancy. While continuing with your routine of brushing and flossing - it is also important to attend your regular check-ups and cleanings during your pregnancy. Receiving a thorough dental exam (including receiving local anesthetics for necessary dental procedures) is safe during pregnancy.

Periodontal health is especially important. Pregnant women who experience red, swollen, or bleeding gums may have periodontal disease. This has been linked to adverse pregnancy outcomes, such as low birth weights and pre-term labor.

Tell your dentist and hygienist if you are expecting at your next appointment. A routine cleaning and periodontal exam can help ensure a safe pregnancy and healthy baby!

Wishing all the pregnant moms out there a happy and healthy pregnancy - from the team at Metral Dental Clinic.

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