No More Excuses. Be a Flosser!

No More Excuses. Be a Flosser!

Are you one of the 88% of of North Americans who do not floss regularly? If so, read on and aim to become a flosser!

There are so many excuses not to floss. It takes that little bit of extra time when you should be running out the door. Your teeth feel fine anyhow, apart from the creeping furry feeling which builds up over the months until it all gets cleaned away by your dental hygienist. Flossing, however, can help keep that just-came-from-the-dentist feeling for much longer, and the benefits are legion.

Brushing without flossing is like cleaning the same 65% of your body everyday and leaving the other 35% dirty. When this applies to your teeth, slowly but surely, plaque builds up and then hardens into calculus which only dental implements can then remove.

Flossing is proven to reduce the risk of gum disease. Plus your breath will be fresher, which is always nice for those around you.

There are so many types of floss and flossing implements now that you are sure to find one you like. You can even buy bacon-flavoured floss for a novelty floss experience..

If you still don't believe us, read this handy article "7 Top Excuses for Not Flossing & How to Conquer Them"


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