Halloween Candy and Cavities

Halloween Candy and Cavities

Allow your kids to enjoy their sweet treats from Halloween but have a plan to decrease the chances of tooth decay.

Time candy consumption right

Consume sweet treats shortly after eating.  The mouth contains more saliva after a meal and saliva helps rinse away acidic products in the mouth that lead to tooth decay.

Avoid snacking on sweets throughout the day

Snacking between the meal increasing the length of time teeth are exposed to sweet treats giving cavity causing bacteria more time to produce cavities in the mouth.

Choose candy wisely

Avoiding sticky and hard candies as they are more likely to cause cavities.  Sticky candy adheres to the tooth surface staying in the mouth longer increasing exposure time.  Hard candies that dissolve slowly also stay in the mouth longer therefore can have a higher risk of causing cavities in mouth.

Stay away from Sugary Beverages

Things like soda pop, sports drinks, and flavored water contain sugar and when teeth are exposed to more sugar the risk is tooth decay.

Brush twice a day with a fluoridated toothpaste

Brush thoroughly around all surfaces of the teeth.  All surfaces of teeth are susceptible to tooth decay.  You should brush for 2 minutes a day reaching the cheek or lip side of the teeth, the biting surface of the teeth, and the tongue side of the teeth.   Using a toothpaste containing fluoride also helps reduce the instance of tooth decay.

Remember to Floss

Floss your teeth once a day.  Brushing your teeth doesn’t reach in between your teeth.  This is where flossing helps reduce the instance of interproximal cavities.

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Having regular dental cleanings and check-ups.  Visiting your dentist for regular cleanings helps prevents problems and helps us catch problems early on making them easier to treat.

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