Get Your Botox Here!

Get Your Botox Here!

Today’s news story, covered by CBC, about knock-off Botox administered by unlicensed, untrained people claiming they are “Doctors” is alarming. Fake Botox can be dangerous and having an unlicensed person giving out Botox is a contravention of the Food and Drugs Act.

Rest assured that we, at Metral Dental Clinic, purchase Botox through Allergan, Inc., who are the worldwide manufacturer of Botox, and that Dr. John Christensen is trained in giving Botox injections, as well as being a licensed dental practitioner.

Most don’t associate Botox with dental clinics. We tend to think of “Spas” or “Cosmetic Clinics” for Botox. However, getting Botox at your dentist is a safe and practical option! Adding a Botox treatment to your routine 6 month cleaning and check-up is a perfect way to keep your skin smooth and young looking. No need to make an appointment elsewhere, we make it easy!

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