A potential long-lasting treatment for sensitive teeth

A potential long-lasting treatment for sensitive teeth

Are you one of those people who has to look longingly at icecream because the pleasure of eating it is outweighed by the tooth pain?

Both cold and hot food and drinks can cause unpleasant nerve jolts and are one of the most common isssues mentioned by dental patients. It is a sign of degraded tooth enamel which exposes tiny, porous tubes. The underlying nerves then become vulnerable and very sensitive to temperature extremes.

Sensitive formula toothpastes are only a temporary fix as they block up the tiny holes for a time. Luckily, science is always seeking new ways to relieve discomfort. A research team created a new paste mix, based on elements already found in teeth, as nature has already done all the hard work. The paste was formulated with calcium and phosphorus and appears to plug the holes (in dog's teeth - woof) to a greater depth than other current treatments.

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