5 Teeth Wrecking Habits to Avoid

5 Teeth Wrecking Habits to Avoid

We hope you had a great summer and, while we welcome you back with this list  warnings we do just have the best interests of your teeth at heart when we say:



(1) Chewing on ice

There is nothing more refreshing sounding than ice cubes clinking in a cocktail at a beach side bar. It seems harmless and is zero calories but crunchy fun can lead to cracked or chipped teeth or even headaches as mouths don't like extremes of temperature. Chew gum instead.


(2) Playing Sports without a Mouthguard

Contact sports are notoriously rough. Having your front teeth knocked out may reduce your elation at getting a goal so don't forget to pop in your mouthguard before you stride onto the field.


(3) Opening Stuff with Your Teeth

You may not be that guy at parties who can rip off a bottle top but it is all too common to use teeth to rip open plastic packets. Don't do it! Keep your teeth for eating with.


(4) Tongue Piercings

Piercings are a very personal choice of adornment. However much care needs to be taken with ones in or around the mouth. Biting down on a metal stud in the tongue or through the lip can easily crack a tooth. Friction can also cause gum and nerve damage. Take care.


(5) Teeth Grinding

Also called bruxism can wear teeth down over time. It is often caused by stress and you may not even realise you are doing it until you notice a sore jaw upon waking or a nagging, dull headache during the day. Luckily a mouth guard can help along with avoiding caffeine and jaw muscle relaxing techniques. Don't delay in getting help to avoid serious tooth damage

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