Study finds Dentist visits too infrequent for Canadian preschoolers

Baby Teeth CareA Canadian study shows that 99% of children aged 12 months have not received the recommended level of dental care. Although that may seem young, it is important to start caring for teeth as soon as they come through as it will be several years before the second set emerge.

"The most common surgical procedure in pediatric hospitals across Canada is extracting teeth in preschoolers..". A scary experience for young ones.

Gone are the days when the dentist gave out lollipops to kids. But fruit juices and hidden sugars are especially bad for children's teeth as it's notoriously hard to get a young child to stay still long enough to clean them thoroughly.

Please make sure to schedule regular check ups for your child and do not hesitate to call us with any concerns. We're here to help the whole family maintain healthy teeth for life.

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