Cheap Toothpastes work as well as Top Brands


There are so many types of toothpaste out there that it can be hard to choose from the various combination of professed benefits. However, according to research done by 'Which?' in the UK, it does not really matter as long they contain the basic ingredients needed to assist in maintenance of teeth help. And toothpastes costing just a few dollars can provide the same benefits.

Recommended levels of fluoride

  • Research suggests that if a toothpaste contains 1450 parts per million of fluoride then that is enough for topical strengthening of teeth

Toothpastes with optimum levels are available for a few dollars

  • The research indicated that, for example, Colgate Triple Action (costing 99p in the UK for 100ml) is just as efficient as more glamorous brands

Experts could not find any evidence that luxury brands give more protection

  • Dental experts and 'Which?' examined claims made by expensive 'premium' brands and compared to cheaper versions
  • But 'Which?' said that its experts ‘didn’t see long-term evidence of more protection from these speciality toothpastes than from a standard fluoride toothpaste’.
  • Some of the premium products tested were toothpastes which claim to restore enamel, including Arm & Hammer Enamel Pro Repair Whitening with Baking Soda and Liquid Calcium and Sensodyne’s Pronamel Daily Protection
  • However, the experts ‘didn’t see long-term evidence of more protection from these specialty toothpastes than from a standard fluoride toothpaste’

Expensive 'specialist' toothpastes are very similar to cheaper brands

  • Both premium and many economy toothpastes contained the same amount of fluoride
  • For sensitive teeth the same applied to potassium nitrate, the ingredient which penetrates to the inner tooth and helps to block pain receptors.

So, while it is important to maintain regular brushing habits, there is no need to spend big. You can save some pennies and still keep your whites pearly.

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