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Invisalign Braces – Case study

CASE OVERVIEW (before and after): Amazing results in less than 1 year with       This is an example of the incredible aesthetic transformation that can be achieved with Invisalign aligners. This patient was treated in our office at Metral Dental.  His primary concern when he first came to see us was his appearance from the…
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Do you really know how to brush your teeth.. properly?

You've (hopefully) been brushing your teeth yourself since you were little but do you really know if you're doing it right? How Not To Brush Your Teeth If you watch people on movies or TV, or even on commercials, they usually scrub back and forth with lots of foam and spitting. However, that's not very…
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Would you like your dental treatment on the beach?

Imagine that you are walking along a beach on a nice sunny day. Waves are lapping gently on the shore, children are building sandcastles, and seagulls are soaring overhead. As you turn to continue along the rugged coast path on your calm and relaxing stroll you suddenly hear your dentist say "We're all done, you can take…
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Do your wisdom teeth need to be removed?

Wisdom teeth are actually third molars. Tucked away in the furthest reaches of your mouth, they are easy to forget. Except when they are erupting or aching. Do your wisdom teeth need to be removed? If so, when and why? Wisdom teeth are usually the last ones to erupt. Sometimes they never do! To erupt normally,…
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