Artistic Dentistry by Dr John Christensen

Scientific advances have moved dentistry well beyond the basics of health care into what's called "artistic dentistry." This covers the spectrum from basic dental services to preventing and reversing signs of aging.

A Holistic Approach

Dr. John considers the head and face as a frame for the teeth. Taking a holistic treatment approach, he begins with a new patient exam that carefully maps your dental and facial structures, creating a comprehensive view of your needs. In this way you and Dr. John get a clear, informed basis from which to move forward with a treatment plan tailored to your unique circumstances.


Cosmetic dentistry with an artistic flair has always been a Dr. John specialty. And now, in addition to whitening and other cosmetic dental services, he features BOTOX® Cosmetic treatments that help reverse the illusion of aging.

His artistic eye for facial aesthetics guides your BOTOX® treatments to bring out your natural, youthful beauty, enhancing your dental investment by reducing wrinkles and age lines. This facial enhancement approach leaves you looking and feeling better in a safe and non-surgical procedure that normally takes under one hour per visit.

It goes without saying that dentists are better trained and have more experience using needles, the very tools used in the application of Botox. In Dr. John's skilled hands you receive the best treatment available with the peace-of-mind knowing it is provided by a qualified medical professional.

Artistic Dentistry At Its Best

Dr. John's skill and speed of execution comes from years of experience ensuring you spend as little time in the chair as necessary. Care is provided in-house, whenever possible, affording the convenience of one-stop shopping.

Dr. John Christensen provides complete treatment plans for head and neck aesthetics including orthodontics. His scientific background, artistic eye and flair for fashion work to enhance your looks, leaving you feeling healthy, refreshed and rejuvenated.

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