For over 15 years, Dr. John Christensen has been an active member of the “Gold Foil Study Club,” run by Dr. Tucker. Gold foil has become a lost art - and there are fewer and fewer dentists that offer gold foil fillings, today. In fact, it is no longer taught in most schools and there are very few postgraduate opportunities to learn the art of gold foil.

Gold foil has gone out of style mainly due to its expense and aesthetics. Patients prefer fillings that blend in with the color of their teeth and match their smiles. Advances in amalgam and tooth colored composite fillings have made gold foil a thing of the past. The technique to apply gold foil is somewhat more demanding than today’s application of amalgam and composite fillings, as well. However, golf foil fillings are still the most durable fillings and have the longest lifespan of any other material. Amalgam and composite fillings have a life span of 7-12 years, whereas a gold foil filling can last decades.

Dr. Christensen has enjoyed learning and perfecting his technique with gold foil and has even had the opportunity to experiment with the artistic application of gold foil. Solely for cosmetic and aesthetic purposes, he has applied gold flames and lightning bolt designs; giving those patients’ smiles that extra special sparkle. The “Gold Foil Study Club” meets once a month to practice their techniques and to share and learn from each other. If anyone is interested in getting gold foil fillings or the artistic application of gold foil - contact our office.

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