Space Age Dentistry : The Plasma Torch Toothbrush

It's space age technology and it may be coming to a mouth near you in the near future..

The Plasma Torch Toothbrush

It's amazing how many everyday items and other tools and objects were initially developed for use in space, e.g. cordless tools, memory foam, solar panels, show insoles. As well as what have become essential tools in medicine - MRI and CAT scans.

Classic Sci-fi programs, such as Star Trek, are full of Plasma Ray Guns and Phasers mostly put to use as weapons though also sometimes as healing devices.

Kirk_fires_a_phaser_rifle_at_Mitchell    Dermal_regenerator-e1392206636112
The Plasma Torch Toothbrush is another medical item  that has been in development for several years. We can't say exactly if or  when everyone will have one in their bathroom but trials are well underway.

Spoiler alert - it's not actually a toothbrush but a dual purpose tool for:

(1) Breaking up Plaque

  • The torch is Cold Plasma so is no hotter than room temperature but is still able to break the bonds that make plaque stick to teeth
  • Aims to be a quiet and painless way to super-clean teeth

(2) Priming Teeth for Filling Cavities

  • There is a limit to how many cavities can be refilled in a tooth before it has to be pulled out
  • The torch can prime a tooth by creating small divots, i.e. a surface texture for a new filling to adhere to


See the torch in action:

Read more about the fascinating science behind this invention:

"Plasma is a collection of stripped particles. When electrons are stripped from atoms and molecules, those particles change state and become plasma." ~ Plasma Torch Toothbrush a New Insight in Fear Free Dentistry


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