Clean your toothbrush before you clean your teeth with it!

Aah. Look at the cute kitten playing. But wait, the little minx is chewing on my toothbrush.. Germ alert !!

In fact your cat's mouth is a lot cleaner than yours. Saliva in a feline’s mouth destroys germs and keeps the mouth clean.

From toilet to toothbrush..?

Unfortunately, we humans are a hotbed of microorganisms which we spread all around us involuntarily. And yes, it's a nasty thought but those gastrointestinal ones are known to be transported easily from toilet to toothbrush.

On the bright side, giving your toothbrush a good rinse before and after use, and a soak in antibacterial rinse or 3% hydrogen peroxide, will go a long way in keeping your teeth's best friend healthy.

Toothbrush Maintenance - Top Tips

  • Clean it before you use it
  • Rinse it, soak it, use it. Repeat.. every day
  • Do not share it (however much you love the person)!

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